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Unforgettable interior design gets a prospective resident to sign the lease.
State-of-the-art amenities make them stay in their homes for years to come.

About MHD

Working with Multihousing Depot, owners and property managers transform their apartment communities into memorable and comfortable places to live. If something gives a unit that special look and feel, we have it — from countertops to cabinets and windows to washing machines. If we don’t make it on-site, our location and industry relationships give us quick, cost-effective access to whatever our customers need.

We’re here to fulfill your vision. Multihousing Depot doesn’t just bring you the kitchen sink; we bring you the kitchen, from lights to flooring. We’re your one-stop shop for outfitting your community, and the industry’s premier suppliers and trade associations stand by us. So tell us what you’re looking for.

Company History

Our history began almost 120 years ago as a family tradition in 1894 with deliveries made by horse-drawn carts. We began appliance sales in 1987, opened up our own manufacturing facility in 1994, expanded into our Window and Door division in 2003 and today we are continuously improving our service and manufacturing capabilities with cutting-edge technology.

Our fourth generation company continues to build and grow through strong customer support and hard-working personnel, teamed with quality products and services.

Association Memberships

MHD is much more than an appliance vendor or a cabinet contractor; our integrated services help the multifamily industry run efficiently and profitably. That’s why we’re proud to be part of these national and regional industry groups. Just like owners and property managers, our mission is to create value and build communities that last.

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