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Caring for your Windows and Doors

Pre­ven­tion Pro­tect­ing the frames of your win­dows and doors is just as impor­tant as clean­ing the glass. Fol­low­ing are sim­ple sug­ges­tions that enable you to pro­tect the life and extend the beau­ty of your win­dows and patio doors. Prop­er care of today’s win­dow glass sys­tems is easy, but very impor­tant. Insu­lat­ed glass sys­tems, and those with Low‑E… Read more »

Yearly AC Maintenance

By: Jes­si­ca Bright, Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er For mul­ti­fam­i­ly, in-unit air con­di­tion­ing con­tin­ues to be a top ameni­ty for prospec­tive and exist­ing res­i­dents. Accord­ing to, Air Con­di­tion­ing is still the num­ber two ameni­ty, sec­ond only to in-unit laun­dry. As we start to come into the Spring sea­son, it is the per­fect time to make sure your… AC Maintenance”>Read more »

New Freedom in Motion

Arti­cle Sub­mit­ted by: Hafele Amer­i­ca   Whether being lift­ed, tilt­ed, swiveled or fold­ed, Häfele’s exclu­sive Free fam­i­ly of flap fit­tings open new pos­si­bil­i­ties allow­ing for wide open­ings that let you effi­cient­ly access all the con­tents of your cab­i­net. Since doors lift up instead of out, they nat­u­ral­ly con­serve space and help avoid bump­ing into open… Read more »

LED Lighting ROI: The Future Looks Bright

Arti­cle Sub­mit­ted by: Hafele Amer­i­ca Before LED light­ing, cus­tomers and light­ing design­ers were lim­it­ed as to where they could put light­ing. Often, the com­plex­i­ty of get­ting the prop­er pow­er and wire con­fig­u­ra­tions made the task seem too dif­fi­cult and expen­sive. Now, new Loox LED light­ing sys­tems from Häfele com­bine a long life with low heat,… LED Light­ing ROI: The Future Looks Bright”>Read more »

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