Acacia FreedomCraft Launch: Timeless American Cabinetry

Noah Bell, HR Assis­tant, inter­views Matthew Bell, Vice Pres­i­dent, on the launch of the Aca­cia Free­dom­Craft brand.

Noah Bell:

Why did MHD launch the new line of cab­i­nets, Aca­cia Free­dom­Craft?

Matthew Bell (Vice Pres­i­dent):

We had been focused on what imports could not do, cus­tom sizes, wide array of col­ors, stronger box­es, and cut­ting-edge style. How­ev­er, it was hard to ignore the dom­i­nance of Chi­nese imports for a par­tic­u­lar need. Stan­dard sizes, ply­wood box­es, and sim­ple col­ors were impor­tant to many buy­ers in the indus­try.

Our cus­tomers want­ed an Amer­i­can answer to the Chi­nese import­ed cab­i­net. This is our answer. We want­ed to offer an Amer­i­can made cab­i­net line with clas­sic fea­tures that can meet our customer’s bud­get and time­line.”


How will Aca­cia Free­dom­Craft meet the needs of the mul­ti­fam­i­ly indus­try?


Our cus­tomers want to cre­ate a home for their res­i­dents. Aca­cia Free­dom­Craft can be made and shipped when it is need­ed so new res­i­dents can move in soon­er. The cab­i­nets are built to be durable and backed by a five-year war­ran­ty. That means res­i­dents will not only love their kitchen, but it will last.”


What inspired the look of Aca­cia Free­dom­Craft?


The new line was inspired by the most tra­di­tion­al and pop­u­lar styles which are a sta­ple of Amer­i­can cul­ture.”


What is your favorite col­or of the new line?


I love the Dark Sable because of its rich fur­ni­ture feel. It brings the feel­ing of a home to an apart­ment.”


For more infor­ma­tion on the Aca­cia Free­dom­Craft prod­uct, and the styles and col­ors avail­able, please vis­it the Aca­cia Cab­i­net­works web­site.

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