Hardware Upgrade: Maximize the space of your next project.

Becky Cari­co, Assis­tant Mar­ket­ing Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Man­ag­er at Häfele Amer­i­ca Co.

Max­i­miz­ing the space you’re work­ing with is one of the end goals for archi­tects and design­ers. When you’re work­ing on your next mul­ti-hous­ing project we have a vari­ety of hard­ware that may be small, but will make a huge dif­fer­ence. We sup­ply you with hard­ware that will give you the ele­gance and prac­ti­cal­i­ty you’re look­ing for while also using the space to its full poten­tial.

Make it float  

Camar Cab­i­net Hang­er Hard­ware gives any apart­ment an ele­gant feel. The hard­ware is invis­i­ble when installed allow­ing for cab­i­nets and oth­er case­work to appear as if they’re floating—all while max­i­miz­ing use of avail­able wall space. The pos­si­bil­i­ties with this sin­gle piece of hard­ware are end­less. Your next project calls for some­thing this inno­v­a­tive and this hard­ware solu­tion will help you exe­cute it.

Swiv­el, swiv­el Leave your poten­tial renters or own­ers in awe with the Table Top Swiv­el Fit­ting. This allows you to swing a table out from anoth­er piece of fur­ni­ture. Per­fect if you’re run­ning low on space or want an option­al desk for the end user.


Keep it out or in Turn a front draw­er into a table with the Pull-Out Table Sys­tem. Great for small com­plex­es which may not have space for a stand-alone table. As the table is extend­ed, the front pan­el drops down auto­mat­i­cal­ly until the top is flush with the table. Renters can use it when they have guests or as a place to extend prep areas in the kitchen.

An exten­sion With the Sal­ice Shelf Slides you can turn almost any mate­r­i­al into an extend­able shelf. These slides eas­i­ly mount to fixed open shelves, shelves behind doors or the cab­i­net floor. It pro­vides a con­ve­nient, sim­ple access to stored items that don’t require a draw­er.  

There when they need it If you’re real­ly look­ing to max­i­mize the space you’re work­ing with to the fullest the Häfele Wall Bed is a must have in your next mul­ti-hous­ing project. For ver­ti­cal fold­ing beds, this space saver is ide­al for lofts, guest beds or even home offices. It can be open when need­ed and eas­i­ly lifts into a closed posi­tion after a good night’s rest.

Hard­ware inno­va­tion is some­thing we spe­cial­ize in and we’re here when you need us. Vir­tu­al­ly any­thing your next project needs our hard­ware experts can help.

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