The Top 5 Kitchen Trends from Häfele for 2017

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Ever since we humans began cook­ing with fire, food and the place where we cook it—now the kitchen—have been a com­mon gath­er­ing place. The mid­night snack. The week­ly fam­i­ly meal. That bowl of cere­al before you rush off to work in the morn­ing. All of this and more hap­pens every day in kitchens across the coun­try whether it be a sin­gle fam­i­ly home, mul­ti-hous­ing build­ing or retire­ment home.

Since we all spend so much time there (yes, even those who don’t actu­al­ly do any cook­ing), the kitchen—and the trends that guide and update it—are con­stant­ly evolv­ing. Here are five of the lat­est:

LED Light­ing Every­where
LED light­ing sys­tems such as Häfele’s Loox line have tru­ly changed the game when it comes to light in the kitchen. Before it was fix­tures over tables, islands and sinks. And maybe one over the coun­ter­top. LED light, whether it’s in the form of flex­i­ble strips, flex­i­ble sil­i­cone or pucks, can go wher­ev­er you may need light includ­ing: over the counter, in cab­i­nets, in draw­ers, above cab­i­nets to add ambi­ence and more. Switch­es for LED lights have sim­i­lar­ly come a long way from the sim­ple door oper­at­ed switch. Loox offers motion detec­tion switch­es, inline touch switch­es which turn on and dim with a tap or even capac­i­tive switch­es which clev­er­ly hide in case­work and turn on, off or dim with the wave of a hand.

Draw­ers Instead of Doors
Base cab­i­net doors will soon be some­thing you’ll only see in movies and dat­ed tele­vi­sion sit­coms. Most are being replaced by deep draw­ers which offer easy access to kitchen appli­ances, pots and pans, plates and that one gravy boat every­one seems to own. Ensur­ing that every­thing stays in its place in these draw­ers are orga­ni­za­tion­al sys­tems such as Häfele’s Fine­line and Fine­line Move which offer ful­ly cus­tomiz­able peg­boards, plate hold­ers or bins with han­dles to give all if your beloved kitchen things a fan­cy home of their own.

Not Just for Cool Kids Any­more
Many of us care great­ly for the earth and the envi­ron­ment. After all, it’s where all of our loved ones live and where we keep all our belong­ings. To that end, recy­cling has been inte­grat­ed into kitchens with great fer­vor in the form of dou­ble bin base cab­i­net pull­outs. Beyond the dou­ble bin option, some even go so far as to include built-in com­post bins for those with a green thumb.

It Helps to Have an Out­let
Let’s be hon­est: we’re all a lit­tle pow­er hungry—at least when it comes to man­ag­ing the juice in our cell phones and oth­er favorite devices. While once only con­sid­ered for offices, pop-up charg­ing sta­tions with USB ports have been mak­ing their way into kitchen coun­ter­tops and islands in a big way to meet the demand. Anoth­er option which fur­ther reduces clut­ter is Dock­ing Draw­er which allows you to ded­i­cate a draw­er for charg­ing your items, leav­ing your coun­ter­tops free for bak­ing and kitchen prep work.

One Pantry to Rule Them All
Hav­ing all of your food, spices and oth­er pantry sta­ples in one eas­i­ly acces­si­ble, cen­tral­ized loca­tion just makes good sense. Styl­ish pantry pull­outs that are able to give you mul­ti­ple access points to your pas­ta, oregano and grandma’s trea­sured recipes are replac­ing clos­ets which have been pressed into food stor­age duties and cab­i­nets above the stove which have been replaced with beau­ti­ful­ly ornate range hoods. Pantry pull outs are now slick­ly open­ing, soft- or self-clos­ing feats of engi­neer­ing that leave your guests jeal­ous. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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